Hello, I'm Priyanka Nimmala
Don’t Just Build Links, Build Relationship with Customers.

Grow Your Business Audience Website Traffic Leads Sales Through Social Media

If you're a Start-up, Brand, Entrepreneur who wants to connect your audience through Social Media or an individual who wants to become an Influencer, then this is the right place to start.

We'll Go Through These 4 Easy Steps

There is no fixed and defined process to solve any problems. So to make it easy, I came up with the below steps.

1. Have a Quick Discussion about Your Business and Goals

We shall discuss your niche, reputation and your expectations through social media. We will also discuss the goals you want to achieve through social media.

2. Find Which Social Media Channel is Most Suitable to Your Business.

According to your business and the target audience, we shall decide on your primary social media channel to focus on to gain traction and achieve your social media goals.

3. Create a Strategy and Execute the Strategy.

We will discuss various marketing strategies to gain traction. Based on the budget we will also work on organic campaigns as well as paid campaigns.

4. Get Leads and Grow Your Business.

Will plan a strategy for getting leads and work on email automation to stay connected with leads and build the trust. Thereby convert them into customers.

Certified Social Media Specialist

I love to work with small and medium-sized businesses to uplift your business by applying simple strategies that I have learned over the years.

How I started

I am a very passionate woman, who is very serious about Jobs I handle, and I did my Masters in Business Administration and Marketing.

I am an entrepreneur and launched my first Retail brand “GeeGeeToys.com” in 2016, which is an e-commerce store for kids, that deals in Handcrafted Waldorf toys. After a few years, other women and friends started seeking my help for their businesses, and I started helping them in their Social Media Marketing and running Facebook ads and campaigns. That’s when I thought of getting certified in the field of Social Media Marketing. Then I took an international course and got certified as a Social Media and community specialist.

In 2019 I officially started my other venture “SocialSavvys.com” Where I offer Social Media Marketing services for other business owners. Also, I offer courses for beginners to start their SMM journey as a freelancer. I take one on one coaching on Facebook Marketing and Pinterest Marketing, for business and individuals who desire to become internet influencers and for students who want to learn Social Media Strategies from me directly.


Happy Clients

Available Courses

If you are struggling with a question in your mind on “How to start my Social Media Marketing Journey?”

Then this program is for you.

Creating a content calendar is very time-consuming and overwhelming if you don’t have any help to create the content. Trust me; i have been in the situation years back. If you are in the same position as i did, then this course is for you.

Quick FAQs

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is nothing but marketing your business through all Social Media channels, either organic posts or paid posts.

More than 80% of the population is on the internet and are active on social media channels. It’s essential to have your online presence to build a relationship with your customers.

We have a basic course that is designed only for you to know exactly what you need to do before starting your SMM journey. You will also get exposed to how to start it and stay motivated.

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