How to create quality content that your audience will love

9 Steps to create a high quality content that your audience will love

How to create quality content? It is the most common question which everyone might have come across one or the other day.

We all know that content is king, and writing great content isn’t an easy task. Whether you are a blogger or a content creator or a business owner or a brand, everybody needs content daily.

It could be for your blog, social media channels, landing pages, sales copies, email marketing and anything, you need content.

Alright, by now, we all know how important content is. But how to create quality content that grabs your audience’s attention?

Let’s get into the details of creating quality content in a step by step process.

Write from your experience

Writing any type of content that you are already well versed with gives you more ideas to write the content. Because you already have experienced the process of a particular topic, and you know how to write and what your audience might expect from your content. Writing from your own experiences gives you numerous thoughts on how well you can help your audience and provide full information on what they are seeking from your content.

Give your audience enough value that they should feel like your article alone has helped them a lot, and they don’t need to search for more on that particular topic.

Do your research

Every article you write doesn’t have to be from your own experience, and sometimes you might have to write an article that you have not personally gone through the process. In that case, if the topic is something new to you but familiar with, do a research on that topic. See how other people have written. 

Now, it shouldn’t be like a copy-pasted article. Those articles give you some insights into understanding the topic, and then you can add your twist to the content.

Though you are writing from your experience or if it’s something new to you, doing research on any kind of topic helps you understand why some pages are ranking high and why some aren’t. You might also find that few pages have written the blog posts just for the sake of writing a post.

You can learn from them while writing your content and apply those strategies to give a new approach to your content.

Write with the flow

Now, what I mean from this is when your writing an article, take your time. Don’t be desperate to finish the content. 

  • Do not look for grammatical mistakes
  • Do not look for word count

All the things mentioned above can be done later. But when your writing, just write as if your talking to your friend and explaining your friend about the topic. Put your mobile phones on mute and make sure nobody disturbs you while writing the content. That way, you get more thoughts on how well you can optimize your content.

Provide Value

From the heading itself, it is clear that you need to focus on value first. Your content must be a solution for people who are seeking help on that particular topic. People come to Google in search of answers. They are searching for solutions which can solve their problem. When you are writing content, ask yourself these questions.

  • Am I providing value with my content?
  • Will my content solve my audience problem in any way?
  • Is there something I need to include to help them more
  • Are they able to apply immediately what they have learned?
  • Will they get results if they apply what I have shared?

Ask these questions, yourself, while writing content, and even after finishing the content. Your content must give solutions that your audience can immediately apply them personally and get good results. When you can provide such value through your content, your audience is sure to come back to you in search of more articles.

Create engaging content.

Creating engaging content is the key to say that you have written great content. But how do you know if it’s engaging content?

You can tell if the content is engaging or not by measuring its metrics. You need to measure

  • The number of comments the post has got
  • The number of shares of a post
  • The number of likes (if it’s a social media post)

Mention a call to action at the end of every post that you want from your audience to take action after reading the post.

Do not Practice cheap tactics

For some people the immediate answer their mind gives them if they want to publish a blog post 

“I will hire an intern who can work for me at a meager cost” since he is an intern.

“I can look for someone willing to work for low budget” people who are unemployed will fall trap of such guys.

“Let’s search for a software which can give us article automatically by entering just a few keywords.”

Al these practices don’t make your content outstanding. It reduces your quality. Take your time if you’re not well versed with the topic, but don’t rush to write the content for the sake of writing it and publishing it.

Review your content

Once you have finished writing your content, review it 2-3 times. Do not publish it after 1st writing. Comeback to your article after a while for a 2nd review, now you get more clarity and might get more thoughts. Add them to your content, organize your content well. Make it more attractive and readable. Check for any grammatical mistakes. Copy-paste the article you have written on a word document or Google document to Grammarly and check if it’s grammatically correct and also check for proofreading. Give some time and come back again for 3rd review; this time, you will have a clear idea of whether to publish it or need some more analysis. If it seems like a valuable post, you can publish it.

But before that, read my next step.

Add visuals to your content

Content is not about writing it like a journal. Humans have a minimal attention span, and if your content is full of text without any visuals, it doesn’t appeal to your audience’s eyes. They might skip the content. So, adding visuals where ever needed makes the content more appealing. This has to be done after reviewing your content.

You can add visuals like

  • Images that best describes the content
  • Videos 
  • Infographics
  • Pdf’s if required

Want to save this pin to check later as well?

9 steps to write a high quality content that your audience will love

Attention-grabbing Headlines

After finishing your content and adding visuals to the content, research what type of headline might catch your audience’s attention. Only your headline decides on whether to read your post or not. So, take some time to come up with a catchy headline that entices your audience to read your entire post and makes them eager to know what’s inside.

Coschedule is a tool that can help you with creating a great headline. Their headline generator gives points based on the emotional and powerful words used in the caption. So always use emotional and powerful words in your headlines. Once everything is ready, you are good to publish.


Writing great content Isn’t an easy task. But with practice you can do it. And while writing, just make sure that you are writing with the flow on any word document or google doc so that you don’t get distracted with the sentence corrections and spellings. Leave the mistakes you have made; you can always come back and correct them. Never look for word count while writing; it limits your though process and reduces your quality. Just keep these in mind while writing content, you will have great content.

Let me know if you want to add any point which can help in creating quality content. I would appreciate your contribution and will apply what you share.

Thank you for your support.

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