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Effective ways to meet your marketing goals

Social Media Marketing is an important aspect of any business to stay connected with your customers and also to increase your brand awareness and reputation.

– Keep your social profiles updated
– Create an editorial calendar to make your marketing hustle easy.
– Post engaging content to increase your Metric
– Use more graphics and videos instead of text posts, since videos and -images say a lot more than just text and also videos and images have a high engagement rate.
– Always check your social media audience insights to learn more about your target audience and post accordingly.
– Make sure that you have something valuable to offer for free to make your cold customers into warm customers and then hot customers.

How do you measure the above metrics? How do you know if you are doing it right?

These tools help you in measuring your social media metrics-

1. Mention

Mention is one Tool through which you can monitor your agency or brand on the web. It helps to listen to your audience and manages your social media. You can monitor who is mentioning your brand in a positive and negative sense on social media and respond to those messages immediately. You also get an in-depth brand analysis and reports about your mentions and brand. You can also analyze your competitor’s brand.
It’s a paid tool, but you have a 14-day free trial to check if it’s the right tool for your business. There is no credit card required to register for a free trial.

2. Social Mention

Social mention is similar to mention which helps in aggregating user-generated content from across the web into a single stream of information. SocialMention is part of BrandMentions, an in-depth brand monitoring tool designed to track and engage in online conversations in real-time. Find out who is talking about your brand, gain customer insights, manage online reputation, monitor all social media platforms, create influencer marketing strategies, perform sentiment analysis.
This tool also a free 14-day trial if you want to check how it works.

3. Google Alert

Google alert is a content search and notification service offered by Google itself. When you search for a specific term related to your niche or industry google alert gives you information about what’s trending within your niche or industry that you have mentioned and also notifies to your email id about the topics that are trending for the search terms you have provided. You can also get information about the mentions of your brand or company.
It’s a Free tool.

4. HootSuite

Hoot Suite is a social media management system. It helps in managing and keep track of all your social media networking channels. It also helps in monitoring your brand mentions and helps in responding instantly. You can also schedule your content, easily find, manage, and share compelling social media content and images. It gives you analytics of your social channels, through which you can curate your content and build your social media and marketing strategy accordingly.
It offers a free 30 day Trial.

5. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is the smarter way to promote and organize your content on social media. With this tool, it’s easy to stay consistent with your social media. It offers 2 ways of scheduling your content so that you have flexibility. You can create a one time post for special offers or seasonal lives. Or schedule continuous updates where Edgar posts your evergreen posts and video ques which never runs out from your library. It also has a smart composer where Edgar writes your social media status updates for you. You can also split test your posts automatically.
It’s a paid tool.

6. BuzzSumo

Buzz sumo helps you make a smarter decision by simply looking at the best performing article in our niche.
-It helps in analyzing your content through a content analyzer feature.
– It helps in researching your Influencer.
-Monitor your content and alerts using buzz sumo.
Trending tab (presented underneath) is one savvy approach to produce new substance thoughts, discover outsider connects to share on social and distinguish continuous promoting openings.
It’s a Paid tool and has 7-day free trial

There are many other tools that help you in measuring your social media Metrics. But the above-listed tools are indeed very useful if you have a small or medium business. Google alert is one free tool that you can’t miss out on if you are just starting your business.

Leave a comment if you find it useful. Let me know which tools you use for your social media management.

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